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Have you ever “overdone it” at a dinner party, a family vacation trip or maybe a weekend in Vegas?  You know, too much food, alcohol or sugar?  Or maybe you just had a bad week?  Maybe you let go a little too much on your eating and exercising, and now you’re just not feeling that great. Here are 5 simple ways to reset your BODY after spending a few days, weeks, or years consuming poor nutrition, and now you’re ready to get on track quickly and easily.     BEAT YOURSELF UP (BUT JUST FOR A MINUTE) Go ahead and say what you want to yourself.  You did it, and no one else made you do it.  Yes, you are [...]

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I want to continue to explore the idea of training your brain for success.  I am continually reminded that, no matter how “perfect” the diet or workout program may be, it’s getting people to take consistent action that works best for long term success.  And that's what I am always looking for with my clients, long-term success.   We don’t always think about our MINDS when we are training, but not only is exercise good for the body, it’s great for the brain.  I’ll save more on the physiological benefits of exercise for another day and instead explore the psychological benefits of working out and eating lean and clean. I really like the idea of “training” your brain… it’s something we [...]

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The mental (or psychological) game to achieving success in health and fitness is one of the most overlooked strategies.  We hear over and over about what foods we should (and shouldn’t) be eating and the most effective ways to maximize our workouts.  What rarely gets discussed is the MENTAL STRATEGIES one must have in place that will launch you toward your goal of health and fitness success, and more importantly, will help keep you there. In the last 20+ years of working with clients, I have seen clients drop anywhere between 10 to 40 lbs.  I have seen them reach their goals.  What is rare, in all honesty, is their ability to STAY there.  Something -- time, stress, distractions, injury [...]

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What does it even mean to HACK YOURSELF?  I am not sure what others mean when they say, “hack” but for me, its about figuring out a shorter, more effective way to get something done.  The key word here is EFFECTIVE.  Meaning, it works. In HACK YOURSELF (part 1) I discussed the need for putting YOU FIRST and what that means.  Such as taking responsibility, creating a vision and the power of deciding to do something (taking action) about whatever it is you are unhappy with in your life.  And that fact that no one else is going to do it for you.  I also brought up the deep, dark secret, of focusing in your nutrition first, and how its [...]

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Every day of every week people approach me and ask for advice on a variety of subjects: How do I get my son or daughter (or husband or wife) to start working out? I am not seeing results from my workouts: what should I do? I workout all the time but my body never changes: what am I doing wrong? I have knee pain (or back pain, shoulder pain, etc.) when I cycle or run or take a dance class: any ideas about what I should do? What should I eat? I work out every day but I’m gaining weight:  am I doing something wrong? I see the sadness, the frustration, the confusion.  So I thought I’d share some advice [...]

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I spend a lot of time writing about the importance of moving and telling you how it improves your energy, overall health and vitality. And it is so important to get off our butts (do it now, I say -- stand up and move around!) and engage in vigorous exercise (which really only needs to be done 3-4 times a week for maximum effectiveness).  In fact, working out too much is not good for you, especially if you are skipping the most important part of your workout, the recovery phase. I have discussed numerous options for improving your recovery time, the 3 most important of which are:  getting optimal nutrition (including what you eat before, during and after your workouts), [...]

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People often ask me what I believe is the most important step to take when it comes to losing weight and getting more fit. “Should I focus on my diet?”  “What is the best type of exercise for fat loss, cardio or strength training?”  Well, if you’ve read any of my posts, you know I’ve covered these topics.  But I now have to admit I wasn’t exactly right. I’ve discovered that it’s not diet or exercise that must be conquered first:  It’s your mind.  It’s your psychology.  It’s you making a decision… it’s you deciding that losing weight and living a fit life is your vision and it’s what you want. It's the little voice inside your head that is [...]

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I’ve got a quick little post for you this week.  You’re busy.  I am busy. First, many thanks to ALL of you that actually take the time to read my blogs and posts and watch my videos and grow and learn. I’d like to think that it helps you grow and become more balanced people.  Thank you.  And thanks to Dee, who helps me organize and edit my crazy thoughts in a way that makes sense.  She edits all my blogs and so she’s FORCED to read them.  She could probably become a trainer herself now (It’s Dee here:  Ahhh….no.) Anyway, let’s get to it… This week’s WOW (Workout Of the Week) is a 20-minute BODY BLAST circuit that I [...]

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WILL SKIPPING BREAKFAST AND PUTTING BUTTER IN YOUR COFFEE HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT AND INCREASE YOUR MENTAL FOCUS? Welcome back to my tale of trying Something Completely Different in order to break through the walls I was hitting during the Nautilus Challenge in reaching my weight goals. If you missed last week’s blog, you can catch up here.  By way of quick review, I had started the Challenge with the goal of losing 10 lbs. of weight…all of which I wanted to come from body fat.  And at Week 6 of the Challenge, I was not seeing any new progress in meeting my goals and I was “stuck”.  So, I decided to try something completely different—Bulletproof Coffee. So, did skipping [...]

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WILL SKIPPING BREAKFAST AND PUTTING BUTTER IN YOUR COFFEE HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT AND INCREASE YOUR MENTAL FOCUS? What if I told you that it was healthy to skip a traditional breakfast every day and eat more butter?  In fact, what if I told you to put that extra butter in your coffee every morning?  Would you think I was crazy?  How about adding some coconut oil to it too?  Butter and oil in your coffee?!?  Now, that sounds both unhealthy and disgusting. When I hear about a crazy diet or workout program that is the newest “fad”, I like to research it, study it, and most importantly, try it out on myself to see if it really works.  And [...]

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