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Are you ready to finally lose that unwanted weight… and keep it off this time?

Our Lose 2 Win regime, voted Pasadena’s best weight loss program, has assisted hundreds of our clients in losing weight and keeping it off.

Sadly, many who join a gym typically do so in order to lose weight, but usually fail because they just don’t have the proper “know how” to accomplish it.

We provide great nutrition coaching that helps you drop weight and structured supervised workouts that will educate you and get you the results you want!

…give us 8 weeks and we will give you a new you!

Look at the results

Details & program highlights

  • You will meet with your “team trainer” 3 times a week for the entire 8 weeks (that is 24 training sessions!).
  • Workouts are performed in groups of 4-10 people (per trainer) so you will have personalized attention, instruction and support.
  • Our signature one-on-one nutrition coaching is provided where we will set up a weight loss program, and do a complete fitness assessment.
  • You willl partcipate in weekly weigh-ins and ongoing nutrition coaching with Kanda (our nutrition coach).
  • Team points are awarded for logging food, 4 question Fridays, losing weight, and doing additional workouts.
  • Did you know… we award cash prizes for the top 3 clients with the biggest percentage of weight loss and biggest body fat change! How about that for generating some extra motivation!

Success Stories

“Working out in this type of setting never gets old. I was always challenged, continuously motivated, and excited to see my growth as the course progressed. I encourage anyone that wants to be challenged, sometimes pushed all while losing weight…..Come join us!
-Tracey S.

“L2W has been a challenging, exciting, and rewarding experience over the last 8 weeks. I have pushed myself to do things I never thought possible and I am
actually seeing results. The team atmosphere along with my entertaining trainer kept me excited to go to each workout and to stick to my nutrition plan. I cannot wait to participate in the next L2W!”
Winner Winter L2W!
-Christine W.

“It is a fun and motivating way to regain mastery over physical fitness. It eliminates all embarrassment and shame from those of us who have struggled with body image issues. It is a very supportive environment and it works!!”
-Natasha M.

“It’s amazing how 10 to 15 pounds can make a difference in my sleeping patterns as well as the compliments I get from my family and friends. Thank you L2W team!”
-Erick A.

“Everyone should believe they can get on the right path to get back into shape. Going to a gym always intimidated me. I didn’t think I would fit in. I have loved Breakthru and L2W. I have loved the support and positive vibes given by the trainers, members and other participants. I am so comfortable at Breakthru and so happy I went out of my comfort zone and joined L2W!”
-Katie C.

“After working out with a private trainer at another gym, with minimal results, I decided to try the L2W class at Breakthru Fitness. Six weeks into the program I am stronger, leaner and more energetic than I ever imagined.  Once you start you will be glad you did. Don’t put it off! I am already looking forward to the next session.”
-Cathi B.

“Through L2W’s holistic approach, I was able to make positive lifestyle changes. This allowed me to lose weight and taught me how to keep it off.”
-Ralph T.