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Welcome to Breakthru Fitness

Welcome to Breakthru Fitness!

We believe being fit is the best way for you to get the most out your life.

WHO WE ARE NOT – We are NOT a BIG BOX CORPORATE club where you become just a membership number…and we are NOT A ONLY-DO-ONE-THING studio… we are the best of both worlds.

WHO WE ARE – We’re a high end, independently owned training club specializing in membership that offers elite group fitness classes (90 + each week), group training, personal transformation and custom nutrition coaching programs. Workout out on your own (cardio / machine / weights), join a class or group training session.

EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE – Experience our beautifully clean locker rooms (with full amenities including workout and shower towels), full access to the club + classes and if you have small children, take advantage of our child care facilities while you workout.

Which membership level is right for you?

Fitness Membership

We offer over 90 fitness classes a week in 3 group studios where our members can dance, stretch, strengthen and sculpt their body in a variety of ways. Experience the benefits of a health club, with the quality instructors and personal touch of a studio. We offer simple, easy to use online class sign ups, so you can book a class ahead of time.

Performance MC3 Membership

MC3 is our dynamic group training workouts that are a combination of challenging strength and cardio circuits designed to help you lose weight and improve strength. Work with a trainer every workout while you sweat, move and burn mega calories, while training like an athlete.

Premier Pilates Membership

Enjoy the original core training workout that will tone, tighten and strengthen your entire body. Taught in small groups using variety of Pilates apparatus like reformers, half barrel and trapeze.

Team Training Membership

Whatever your goal is (weight loss, sports performance, or just getting back in shape) TEAM TRAINING can help you get there faster! Share a session with other members who have similar goals and get the accountability, motivation and attention to detail you need to reach your goals.


Our performance training program will give your child everything they need to build their speed, strength, and power. Our Speed School is the fastest way to become a better athlete.

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