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Welcome to Speed School Pasadena

Welcome to Speed School Pasadena!

The Parisi staff of specialists will provide your athlete with the tools they need to perform at their highest level. We build athletes by providing them with a foundation of specific training methods for building speed, strength, power and flexibility and teaching them how each applies to their sport. We build athletes in a positive training environment that empowers, educates and inspires.

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Speed Membership

Speed is a skill! Regardless of the sport, every athlete can benefit from improved speed, agility and quickness. Our speed classes provide the strategies and techniques needed for athletes to improve their first step quickness, straight ahead speed, and maximum velocity.

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Performance Membership

Enhance performance with this membership that offers a combination of both speed and strength training workouts. Our sports strength classes combine functional strength that produces stronger, faster, more powerful athletes.

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Premier Small Group Training Membership

Faster results in less time are achieved with more specific training methods. This is our most popular membership that we offer that offers 4 small group training session per month with a Performance Coach as well unlimited access to our speed and sports strength workouts.

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Platinum 1-on-1 Membership

Nothing beats the attention to detail and sports specific strategies a coach can provide with 1-on-1 training. Our sport specific programs are designed for our athletes based on their specific sport and goals for that sport. Improve speed, power, strength, while reducing your risk of injury.

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