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Are You Wired and Tired? 6 Steps to Boost Your Energy and Mental Focus | Part 1

“Habits are the answer to anything we want to change in life.  They control what we do, and eventually, they make what we do easy and automatic.”  – Steve Chandler Energy:  I want more of it. Don’t you?  So why is it such a battle to stay energized? Why, when we ask each other, “How are you?” the answer is more-often-than-not: “I’m SOOO tired.” What’s behind all this exhaustion? What’s sapping us of our energy?  Is it lack of sleep?  Eating the wrong foods?  Stress?  All of the above? On the flipside, what about those times where we’re really having fun or discovering a new passion and all of a sudden, we feel like we could conquer the world? We [...]

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The New Year is here… and just like that, you have a chance to clean the slate and move forward into a whole New Year.  Regardless of how 2016 went for you, now is your chance to either ride your successes or create new ones.  Resolutions are not always successful -- and you’ll read why below – so I want to share some tips with you to help you meet your 2017 goals. New Year's Resolutions have been a common tradition since the Babylonian era. It's a time to reflect on the past year and look forward to self-improvement in the new. Unfortunately, most of us are guilty of giving up on resolutions almost as quickly as we make them. [...]

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Can we have a real talk about results-based training?  And what I mean is, I really want you to hear what I’m saying about this.  Better yet, listen, please:  because I just can’t stand the fact that people still think CARDIO is the way to lose weight.  It’s NOT… at least it’s not the best way to lose FAT weight (which, I’m guessing, is what you’d really like to do). I’m sure there are a few studies out that advocate cardio as a way to lose weight, but for now, let’s not talk about weight loss.  Let’s discuss FAT LOSS.      PEOPLE WANT TO LOSE FAT, NOT WEIGHT Everyone I have ever talked with in the last 25 years [...]

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Michelle recently sent out this blog and I thought you just might want to hear from someone else for a change… so I wanted to share it with you, enjoy! - Phil I wake up every morning incredibly thankful to love what I do for a living. My true passion is to help YOU live a healthier life and reach your fitness goals, whatever they may be. I have been blessed to help thousands of people see success in reaching those goals and it never ceases to amaze me, and touch my heart when I hear your personal stories. In a recent blog, "8 Ways to Beat the Blame Game" I talked about the stories we create for ourselves that often times [...]


What does it even mean to HACK YOURSELF?  I am not sure what others mean when they say, “hack” but for me, its about figuring out a shorter, more effective way to get something done.  The key word here is EFFECTIVE.  Meaning, it works. In HACK YOURSELF (part 1) I discussed the need for putting YOU FIRST and what that means.  Such as taking responsibility, creating a vision and the power of deciding to do something (taking action) about whatever it is you are unhappy with in your life.  And that fact that no one else is going to do it for you.  I also brought up the deep, dark secret, of focusing in your nutrition first, and how its [...]

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Let’s talk travel workouts.  What do I mean by travel workouts?  A workout you do when you are on the road… at a hotel.  First of all, lets talk about the most important thing. What is your goal?  MOVE MORE. Assuming its being fit, losing weight, staying mobile (battling all that sitting, sitting in the cab, on the train, on the plane, in all day meetings, all that sitting) while traveling.  What do I mean by being mobile?  Being able to move your body through a full ROM (range of motion).  Stretching and foam rolling improve mobility, so does walking, squatting, working out, etc.  A good day is one where you can move as much as possible, without pain.  Movement [...]

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Yes, I realize it’s February, but that won’t stop me from continuing to give you some advice on helping you reach your health and fitness goals for 2016.  It’s never too early (or too late!) to take a moment to reflect on your actions so far this year and ask yourself “Is what I’m doing working?” You’ve made it through the Super Bowl parties and the Valentine’s Day chocolate… so you have no excuse for not getting even more focused.  But the question I have is “On what?” – What are you focused on?  What is your goal?  How specific are you about what you want to achieve?  This is why it’s always good to go back and ask yourself [...]

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In Part 1 of “The Truth About Fitness”, I discussed some very basic and fundamental ways to begin building a foundation of fitness and good healthy eating habits… if you missed out, you can read it again. But what about those of you who already “get fitness”?  Do all those small habits still apply?  Like taking walks, getting up every hour and moving more all day?  What about eating less food overall, maintaining portion control and eating slowly?  As a rule of thumb, I would say that those basic, fundamental habits are of benefit to everyone.  But for those of you who do workout, and “get” fitness, your additional workouts start to give you a little more freedom (but you [...]

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It’s time to come clean, and tell you the truth about fitness. Time to move past the DOGMA and the HYPERBOLE.  Time to move past the images of the skinny (note I said “skinny”, not “fit”) fitness models and the guys who show their 6-pack abs (I am one of them by the way, sorry).   And it’s time to come clean when it comes to really disclosing the ways to get fit, lose weight and feel better:  the ways that WORK. Do I sound like a broken record? Because I already told you in past blog posts that moving more and eating less are all simple steps that will move you in the right direction.  Especially when you do them [...]

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The Best Way to Get the Most out of your Membership is to put it on a Program!

Having a monthly health club membership won’t get you in shape. You see, it’s not having the membership, but what you DO with the membership that gets you the results you want. I’ve talked in a previous post about having specific goals in mind when you work out -- Why do you work out? People can have any number of reasons for exercising: To lose weight To get healthy To meet people To compete better athletically To reduce stress To keep up with their kids To look good Because the dog made me take a walk… #rockythedog The reasons are as varied as the people who give them. Regardless, what you do, that is, your PROGRAM, should be determined by [...]

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