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Michelle recently sent out this blog and I thought you just might want to hear from someone else for a change… so I wanted to share it with you, enjoy! - Phil I wake up every morning incredibly thankful to love what I do for a living. My true passion is to help YOU live a healthier life and reach your fitness goals, whatever they may be. I have been blessed to help thousands of people see success in reaching those goals and it never ceases to amaze me, and touch my heart when I hear your personal stories. In a recent blog, "8 Ways to Beat the Blame Game" I talked about the stories we create for ourselves that often times [...]

The Best Way to Get the Most out of your Membership is to put it on a Program!

Having a monthly health club membership won’t get you in shape. You see, it’s not having the membership, but what you DO with the membership that gets you the results you want. I’ve talked in a previous post about having specific goals in mind when you work out -- Why do you work out? People can have any number of reasons for exercising: To lose weight To get healthy To meet people To compete better athletically To reduce stress To keep up with their kids To look good Because the dog made me take a walk… #rockythedog The reasons are as varied as the people who give them. Regardless, what you do, that is, your PROGRAM, should be determined by [...]


What’s keeping you from living a healthy life? Sometimes I find that folks are stuck in the rut of "fitness shame” and just can’t move past it. They feel that they need to get in shape BEFORE they can come into the gym. What??? I can’t tell you how many times I hear from people that feel that way. Owning a health club in a community like Pasadena has its benefits… unlike those big-box corporate clubs, we know almost all of our Members. We know their names, their favorite classes and when they like to come into the club. We have our early morning corporate types who show up at the crack of dawn, the “mid-morning Moms” who finally have [...]

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Why Doing Strength Training Is MORE Important than CARDIO

Before we go into any details about what you should be doing at the club, let me just say, in general, people need to focus more on two things: eating a healthier diet and moving more all day long (not just at the health club). We can argue about which exercise is better or what equipment is more effective, but at the end of the day, the real focus needs to be on making better food choices and moving a lot more. There are simple ways to do both of these things; for example, eating less processed (packaged) foods, eating less food (smaller portions) and slowing down when we eat (this will help you eat less). As far as moving [...]

5 Reasons To Check Out The New Pilates Studio

Breakthru Fitness opened its new Pilates studio in April. If you haven’t looked into it yet, you should. Here are some reasons why. Pilates: Not Your Grandma’s Workout Don’t get us wrong; we love grandma’s and encourage them to take a Pilates class. However, many in the fitness world have a misconception about the intensity of a Pilates workout. Many assume that because the classes don’t appear to move 100 miles per hour that the workout is weak. They assume incorrectly. It’s not what you would typically consider an aerobic workout because the focus is on form and strength, but you can definitely get your heart rate up with the intensity of the movements. Pilates trains you to work smarter, [...]

Benefits of Using an Indoor Cycling Studio

Cycling is a great way to get a quality aerobic exercise, and it has more benefits than being a way to get from home to work and back again. Better for joints Human joints can only take so much pounding before they begin to wear down and cause problems. People who have played a lot of tennis or done a lot of running in the past may need to find an exercise that is gentler on their knees. Cycling is the perfect high calorie, high intensity, low impact workout for those concerned about their joints. Indoor cycling classes are efficient workouts You may be wondering why anyone would take a cycling class indoors if they live in sunny California. It’s [...]

Peak 10 Body Transformation Program

The Peak 10 Program was created with two main goals in mind: to help you get in the best shape of your life (lean, ripped, strong and fit) and to give the experienced exerciser an opportunity to take their fitness to a whole new level.   Check out these testimonials and creator, Michelle Dozois' story on WHY she built this program. For more information go to PEAK 10

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