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Why do YOU workout?

I know it sounds like a simple question, but have you ever really asked yourself why you workout? I have learned that the first answer is usually not the real answer. It's the quick response, like when someone asks you, “How are you doing?” and you reply, “Good”, and in our minds [...]

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Breakthru Fitness Video Tour

Connecting.  We provide support, advice, and encouragement. We are able to connect by offering a staff that is warm, friendly, and attentive to our member’s needs. We listen and we care. Educating. We are experts in the areas of health and fitness. We start by addressing a member’s situation. Who are you? [...]

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Breakthru’s Club History

We opened our first 1,500 square foot personal training studio in 1998, on Arroyo Parkway, in Pasadena. After three years of solid growth we moved into our second location, 87 Fraser Alley, in Old Town Pasadena. The Old Pasadena facility was designed to optimally enhance the personal training and Pilates experience. We’ve [...]

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