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My philosophy on clean eating has always been to focus on HABITS and not a DIET. Although we do recommend and create meal plans, I prefer the idea of guidelines that promote HABITS vs. DIET.  Why is that?  I believe, if we want to make changes that are consistent, over time, they have to be habit based. Here are few examples: Eat a little less than usual. Sounds simple and it is and very effect. Example: Eat half your sandwich, or remove the bread, split your dessert… see how easy it is? Eat each meal slowly and stop eating BEFORE you are full. Learn to SLOW DOWN and you’ll find you’ll end up eating less. Learn to stop BEFORE the [...]

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WILL SKIPPING BREAKFAST AND PUTTING BUTTER IN YOUR COFFEE HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT AND INCREASE YOUR MENTAL FOCUS? What if I told you that it was healthy to skip a traditional breakfast every day and eat more butter?  In fact, what if I told you to put that extra butter in your coffee every morning?  Would you think I was crazy?  How about adding some coconut oil to it too?  Butter and oil in your coffee?!?  Now, that sounds both unhealthy and disgusting. When I hear about a crazy diet or workout program that is the newest “fad”, I like to research it, study it, and most importantly, try it out on myself to see if it really works.  And [...]

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Dinner for Breakfast???

(Why you should start your day with protein!) We have all heard it many times - “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” However, what we are not told is that what you eat for breakfast is equally, if not more, important.  When it comes to body composition and overall general health, foods we commonly associate as “breakfast foods” are actually detrimental to your health and are keeping you from having the lean body you really desire. From a very young age, we are taught what constitute “breakfast foods”.  Unfortunately, these iconic breakfast foods are actually holding you back from the body you want and may be harming your overall general health. What we choose to eat for [...]

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In Part 1 of “The Truth About Fitness”, I discussed some very basic and fundamental ways to begin building a foundation of fitness and good healthy eating habits… if you missed out, you can read it again. But what about those of you who already “get fitness”?  Do all those small habits still apply?  Like taking walks, getting up every hour and moving more all day?  What about eating less food overall, maintaining portion control and eating slowly?  As a rule of thumb, I would say that those basic, fundamental habits are of benefit to everyone.  But for those of you who do workout, and “get” fitness, your additional workouts start to give you a little more freedom (but you [...]

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It’s time to come clean, and tell you the truth about fitness. Time to move past the DOGMA and the HYPERBOLE.  Time to move past the images of the skinny (note I said “skinny”, not “fit”) fitness models and the guys who show their 6-pack abs (I am one of them by the way, sorry).   And it’s time to come clean when it comes to really disclosing the ways to get fit, lose weight and feel better:  the ways that WORK. Do I sound like a broken record? Because I already told you in past blog posts that moving more and eating less are all simple steps that will move you in the right direction.  Especially when you do them [...]

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I’d like you to think about the following:  what type of car do you drive?  How well do you take care of it?  What happens to your life when your car breaks down, has problems or becomes unreliable?  In in CA, our transportation is critical to our lifestyle. Now, consider this:  what is the most important vehicle you will ever own?  Here’s a hint:  you’re sitting in it right now.  Your body.  It’s your business, it’s your family, it’s your mind, and it’s your life.  How well are you taking care of it?  What type of regular, on-going maintenance do you give it?  What type of fuel do you put in it?  Ask yourself “Am I taking better care of [...]

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You’ve Got a Great Thing Here

Dear Breakthru Fitness (Phil and Kanda), I’ve been reflecting on how much I love this gym and I wanted to share with you both. So I just switched doctors because I was fed up with mine. In my first meeting with my new doctor she asked if I had any concerns. I told her that the concerns I had when I made this initial appointment 2 months ago had subsided and I attribute that to Breakthru and the Lose 2 Win program. I do! Back in May, I was feeling so off all the time, like I was floating and disengaged. I just did not feel right. I was getting debilitating tension headaches 4 times a week. I was exhausted all the [...]

Lose 2 Win

Our Lose 2 Win regimen, voted Pasadena’s best weight loss program, has assisted hundreds of our clients in losing weight and keeping it off. Sadly, many who join a gym typically do so in order to lose weight, but usually fail because they just don’t have the proper “know how” to accomplish it. We provide great nutrition coaching that helps you drop weight and structured supervised workouts that will educate you and get you the results you want! - CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE

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Are Abs Made In the Kitchen or the Gym?

This is an excellent question. There is a common saying among those in the personal training community that abs are made in the kitchen and not the gym. It’s catchy but more importantly, it’s true.  And, its possible. I’d say that 75 percent of your six pack success is resting on your diet choices. Your diet will ultimately determine if you ever see your abs or just keep working out but getting no closer to your dream.  With our current diets and food choices, obesity is on the rise and getting a lean, mean set of abs seems to be becoming more elusive. In order for a man to see his abs in full glory, he’ll need to drop his [...]