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“The long walk to NOWHERE… “.  That's what I call that long, slow cardio session on the treadmill which is meant for weight loss (or most specifically, fat loss).  The question is:  Is it effective? What if I told you that multiple studies have shown that participants who used ONLY cardio to [...]

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What is the blueprint for success when it comes to losing weight and feeling great? Well, just recently, 3 of our fitness programs (Lose 2 Win, Peak 10 and the Max Trainer Challenge) ended with some stunning results and pretty amazing success stories from participants.   So instead of hearing from me what [...]

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The Best Way to Get the Most out of your Membership is to put it on a Program!

Having a monthly health club membership won’t get you in shape. You see, it’s not having the membership, but what you DO with the membership that gets you the results you want. I’ve talked in a previous post about having specific goals in mind when you work out -- Why do you [...]