Child Care

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Our Childcare area is a separate room in the Club controlled by an onsite child care provider. We provide toys, games, crafts, videos, and a separate restroom facility for the children.


1. Purchase a payment voucher at the Front Desk
2. Hand payment voucher to the child care attendant
3. Sign in your child before working out
4. Sign our your child upon check out

Childcare Guidelines and Policies

  • On their first visit, a Childcare Waiver is required
  • Drop off and Pick up must be by the same person.
  • Not available for children under 6 months of age.
  • Parents MUST remain in the Club at all times when children are in Childcare.
  • Childcare providers are not allowed to change diapers. A staff member will alert the parents if they are needed to change a diaper or take the child to the restroom.
  • No cold symptoms, fevers, rashes, or flu-like symptoms allowed in Childcare. No medication given on premises
  • Children MUST remain in the Childcare area at all times. For liability reasons, children are never allowed in the workout area or locker rooms
  • Children may not bring food into the Childcare area. Snacks may only be eaten outside of the play area.
  • Clear liquids only in marked bottles or cups

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