Do you ever wonder why more people workout on a MONDAY instead of a THURSDAY? Or why we set goals at the beginning of the year, or the week or the month?  Is there something that motivates us to start something anew on a specific day, week, month or year?  Yes.

It’s funny how that works… but it does.




As I mentioned in my article STOP EXERCISING, START TRAINING, it’s helpful to change your approach to staying fit from a WORKOUT MINDSET to a TRAINING MINDSET.

But there is another ingredient that can make all the difference between doing the same old thing (and getting the same old result) and doing something new.  Going a little deeper.  And that special ingredient is a personal challenge.

It could just be that little spark, that lights the fire inside you and gets you to the next level you’ve wanted to reach:  here are 3 reasons why YOU might just need a kick in the “challenge” right now!



When we accept a challenge, we are re-motivating ourselves.  We are waking ourselves up and saying, “Get up, you can do better, let’s take this LIFE to the next level!”   When we set the bar a little higher than we are comfortable with, it wakes something up inside us that says, “l can do that”.   Plus, by facing and meeting challenges, we can see the outcome of our hard work, especially when we measure our results.



Setting a very specific goal is critical to our success.  It must be realistic but CHALLENGING. We realize the value of time only when we are running out of it and having a physical challenge every day forces us to make the most of our time in meeting it, making sure not a day, not a workout, not a drop of sweat is wasted.



Every day is an opportunity to do better, and only when we challenge ourselves will we know our true potential.  Having a big enough REASON is the first step to bridging the gap between where we ARE NOW and where we WANT TO BE at the end of the challenge.  What is your REASON?  What is your WHY? Give yourself a reason, specific to you, that will light that fire inside you and give you that drive, that reason to raise your game!


Feeling stuck right now?  Accepting and taking on challenges help us identify our positives and negatives a lot better, and teaches us to work more efficiently on the things that hold us back (and the things that move us forward).

If you are looking to get UN-stuck… check out our upcoming challenges:  they just might be what you need to get you to a whole new level.


Phil Dozois, Owner / Founder, Breakthru Fitness, Pasadena, CA