Have you ever “overdone it” at a dinner party, a family vacation trip or maybe a weekend in Vegas?  You know, too much food, alcohol or sugar?  Or maybe you just had a bad week?  Maybe you let go a little too much on your eating and exercising, and now you’re just not feeling that great.

Here are 5 simple ways to reset your BODY after spending a few days, weeks, or years consuming poor nutrition, and now you’re ready to get on track quickly and easily.





Go ahead and say what you want to yourself.  You did it, and no one else made you do it.  Yes, you are responsible.  Now beat the crap out of yourself, but only for a minute and then let it go. Go ahead!  You just have 1 minute, so go at it, and then get over it.



How do your pants fit right now?  How is your energy level?  Do you feel focused and amazing like you could take on the world?  Sometimes, focusing on the PAIN of how you don’t want to feel is just as powerful as focusing on how you DO want to feel.  Eating lean and clean truly does energize our bodies, minds and spirits.  It’s not a psychological thing; it’s a physiological thing.  A strong dose of vitamins and nutrients that are found in lean proteins, healthy fats and clean carbs (like fruits and veggies) give us everything we need to take on the world!  So focusing on how crappy you feel may just motivate you enough to eat lean and clean.



If you look up the benefits of fasting, there are many!  In fact, many cultures have used fasting as a way to clean out your system and reset your body.  The benefit of intermittent fasting is that you can chose any period of the day, like when you are sleeping, as a way to clear your body of all the garbage you’ve been consuming, and when you wake up, you can stretch that fast as long into the day as it works for you.  Don’t be surprised if you happen to feel energized and focused.  You can have GREEN TEA or BULLETPROOF COFFEE as way to stay energized and focused.  I use intermittent fasting almost every day.



Regardless of what it says on the package (organic or not) try to avoid any processed foods as long into the day as possible, especially dairy, wheat and sugar.    The goal here is to give the body nothing but the good stuff.  Veggies are number one, and then healthy fats like avocado or olive oil, grass fed meat and a little fruit is okay.



If you really want to reset your body, sweat it out!  Working out is the best way to circulate the blood, flush out the toxins and get your body to burn up some of the waste products that have “accumulated” in your system.  Move well and move often.  Sitting is almost as bad as eating junk food, so avoid sitting for more than 20 minutes at a time.   Make sure you stand up, and do a few stretches!   Go for a walk, do some Yoga, drop down and give me 20 pushups.  Do something that makes you sweat a little.  I use the word WORKOUT because I want you to sweat.  Just make sure you continue to move as much as you can all day, every day.


As you can see, these 5 simple ways of RESETTING your body is actually something you should be doing everyday.    Remember, when you change your day, you can change your life.  A lot of little things, done consistently, become something big.  That can be a good thing or a bad thing, the choice is yours.


Until next time.

Phil Dozois, Owner, Breakthru Fitness