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Our Lose 2 Win regimen, voted Pasadena’s best weight loss program, has assisted hundreds of our clients in losing weight and keeping it off. Sadly, many who join a gym typically do so in order to lose weight, but usually fail because they just don’t have the proper “know how” to accomplish it. We provide great nutrition coaching that helps you drop weight and structured supervised workouts that will educate you and get you the results you want!

8 Week Complete Weight Loss Program
…give us 8 weeks and we will give you a new you!

Details & program highlights

  • You will meet with your “team trainer” 3 times a week for the entire 8 weeks (that is 24 training sessions!).
  • Workouts are performed in small groups of 4-6 people (per trainer) so you will have personalized attention, instruction and support.
  • Our signature one-on-one nutrition coaching is provided where we will set up a weight loss program, and do a complete fitness assessment.
  • You willl partcipate in weekly weigh-ins and ongoing nutrition coaching with Kanda (our nutrition coach).
  • Team points are awarded for logging food, losing weight, and doing additional workouts.
  • Did you know… we award cash prizes for the top 3 clients with the biggest percentage of weight loss! How about that for generating some extra motivation!

Program Runs: April 16th to June 11th.

Enrollment Now Open!

Make this new healthy lifestyle a habit …change is possible… signing up is easy!

​Thanks Kanda! By the way, I’m down 38 lbs now from when I first got on the scale for my first L2W last September 22. And have lost many more inches than I thought would ever come off. I just finished my first Whole 30 (30 days no added sugar, dairy, grains, legumes or alcohol) and feel better than I have in years!!!!! I may hit my goal of losing 50 lbs in a year but even if I don’t I could care less. Thanks so much for the support and help with finding out how destructive sugar and a “low fat” diet can be on lasting weight loss success.
Melinda LeMoine

“This is a LIFE CHANGING PROGRAM! It starts out at the correct level for someone who is completely out of shape and ramps up at a rate that consistently challenges you until the end when L2W has transformed you into a physically fit person. The 8-week time frame is the perfect amount of time to make this healthy lifestyle a habit. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!”
Victor- A changed man!, Lost 30lbs
“L2W reshaped my thinking, and assisted in the physical reshaping to reinforce the positive new thoughts about my life, my image and myself. It is an incredibly supportive and non-judgmental program that I would highly recommend to anyone either looking to lose 5lbs or more, need help jumpstarting a healthier lifestyle and making significant changes including significant weight loss.”
Liz, Lost 10 lbs
“Best thing I have done in years. It feels good to take back my life!”
Katy, Lost 15.5lbs
“This was a fantastic experience, it taught me about proper nutrition, how fun exercise can be and how motivational it can be to workout with a group.”
Dhari, Lost 12 pounds
“This is an effective weight loss and fitness program and works so well by combining the nutrition coaching with ongoing the exercise program. The team concept is key!”
Irene, Lost 20.5 lbs

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