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Metabolic Conditioning 3 is a strength and conditioning program created for those looking to train like an athlete. Using the latest sports training drills you will get stronger, leaner, and faster.

Ready to jump start your burn with Metabolic Conditioning?

If you are new to our MC3 classes, get ready to sweat! This is not some boring machine or cardio based training… it is high energy athletic based drills that will kick your butt!


Metabolic Conditioning

A combination of challenging strength and cardio circuits designed to help you lose weight, improve strength and burn mega calories. Stretch, strengthen and sweat your way to a new you.

Metabolic Strength

These strength workouts are a series of back to back strength circuits designed to build strength and lean muscle. Use kettle bells, suspension training and dumbbells to get ripped and boost metabolism. Improve strength & power.

Metabolic Endurance

Get ready for a series of high intensity cardio and body weight complexes that challenge your cardiovascular system. Sprinting, agility ladder, stairs, training ropes and plyometric work will leave you supercharged, sweating and pumped! Metabolic Boxing and Metabolic Kickboxing are offered in the Metabolic Endurance workouts.

July 2015 Schedule

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