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Our signature pilates equipment classes offer a total-body workout in less than an hour. Pilates strengthens muscles, helps to flatten the abdominal region, elongates the body and restores your body’s natural balance without stressing the joints & spine. Get a lean look without adding excess bulk!

How to get started with our Pilates equipment classes?

If you are new to our Pilates equipment classes, we do require that you complete the intro program: Ready, Set, Go!

Ready, Set, Go! – program $180

If you are new to Pilates equipment classes you must complete our Ready, Set, Go! three session private training package. You will learn the basics of Pilates equipment based classes, including how to adjust your equipment settings and more, so you are “ready to go” during your first group class experience.

Group Fitness Mind/Body Classes

Mat Pilates, Pilates 360, Power Core Pilates, Opt Mind & Body – these classes are open to all Pilates members and take place in one of our group fitness studios. These classes are also included in our standard Breakthru Fitness Memberships package.

Group Reformer, Jump Board Interval & Pilates Circuit Classes

A focus on a contemporary approach to Pilates using a variety of apparatus. You’ll sculpt lean muscle while creating a strong and balanced center. These classes are open to all levels once you have completed your Ready, Set, Go! program.

Advanced Equipment Classes

Open to those who accumulated a deeper practice of Pialtes and are ready to take on a faster pace and more challenging movement variations.

Pilates Classes

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