Working Your Way to Unstoppable: SIMPLE WAYS TO BOOST ENERGY, MOOD AND MENTAL FOCUS | Week 2

  “If you change your mindset, you have the ability to change your whole world.” ~ Damien Thomas   How has your week been? Picking up where we left off from my last post: did you take time to re-charge by focusing a little more on sleeping and taking breaks when needed? Even if you didn’t get all the shuteye you want, just being aware of your sleep habits and stress levels will go a long way towards renewing your energy and giving you greater purpose each day. As we talked about in my last post, the concept of getting healthy isn’t just about getting our bodies in shape, it’s about gaining awareness of how our thoughts and habits – [...]

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Do you believe you’re honest with yourself about most things?   Take a minute and really think about that question. It’s hard to be honest with ourselves. In fact, it takes real courage. Why? Because when we’re being completely, totally honest with ourselves, it means we have to examine the good and the bad: what gives us value (“I deserve to be healthy and strong…”)  and perhaps more importantly, what gets in the way of realizing our true potential (“but for some reason I keep cancelling my workouts.”) Why is this kind of self-inventory so hard to do? Because it means we have to take responsibility for ourselves and our choices - and not place the blame on our circumstances. Listen, [...]

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Getting (And Keeping) It Real: Staying On Track With 2 Simple Questions

It’s time to have THAT talk: you know, the one we need to have as the end-of-year approaches and the holidays are upon us, the time when we really need to think about how this year has gone (and is going) and what your plans are for next year. Does it feel like it’s too soon to think about New Year’s Resolutions? Well, in just over 8 weeks, we’ll be in 2016. Yup, that soon. I’d like to challenge you to end the year with a little more self-reflection, awareness and honesty. That doesn’t mean beating yourself up or “”shoulding” all over yourself”: it just means taking an honest, non-judgmental look at your year. (For the record, anything I ask [...]

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