Are You Wired and Tired? 6 Steps to Boost Your Energy and Mental Focus | Part 1

“Habits are the answer to anything we want to change in life.  They control what we do, and eventually, they make what we do easy and automatic.”  – Steve Chandler Energy:  I want more of it. Don’t you?  So why is it such a battle to stay energized? Why, when we ask each other, “How are you?” the answer is more-often-than-not: “I’m SOOO tired.” What’s behind all this exhaustion? What’s sapping us of our energy?  Is it lack of sleep?  Eating the wrong foods?  Stress?  All of the above? On the flipside, what about those times where we’re really having fun or discovering a new passion and all of a sudden, we feel like we could conquer the world? We [...]

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Have you ever “overdone it” at a dinner party, a family vacation trip or maybe a weekend in Vegas?  You know, too much food, alcohol or sugar?  Or maybe you just had a bad week?  Maybe you let go a little too much on your eating and exercising, and now you’re just not feeling that great. Here are 5 simple ways to reset your BODY after spending a few days, weeks, or years consuming poor nutrition, and now you’re ready to get on track quickly and easily.     BEAT YOURSELF UP (BUT JUST FOR A MINUTE) Go ahead and say what you want to yourself.  You did it, and no one else made you do it.  Yes, you are [...]

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I hear it time and again:  “I just don’t have the time to work out.”  This is the adult version of “My dog ate my homework.”  And it's the biggest STORY we tell ourselves so we can avoid making the commitment we know need to make to exercise, eat clean and live a healthier life. I have dealt with this issue many times, both in my own life and in the very busy lives of the clients with whom I work.  I want to give you a few strategies that have worked for them in the hopes that you, too, can overcome these lies we tell ourselves.  In this way, you will be able to create a new “story” for [...]

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I’ve got a quick little post for you this week.  You’re busy.  I am busy. First, many thanks to ALL of you that actually take the time to read my blogs and posts and watch my videos and grow and learn. I’d like to think that it helps you grow and become more balanced people.  Thank you.  And thanks to Dee, who helps me organize and edit my crazy thoughts in a way that makes sense.  She edits all my blogs and so she’s FORCED to read them.  She could probably become a trainer herself now (It’s Dee here:  Ahhh….no.) Anyway, let’s get to it… This week’s WOW (Workout Of the Week) is a 20-minute BODY BLAST circuit that I [...]

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