Have you ever fallen off the wagon when it comes to fitness?  You start off so strong – setting goals, buying new workout clothes, getting up early to hit the gym. Then after a month, 3 months, maybe even 6 months, you start to fade… the emotions that got you there just don’t seem to be strong enough anymore. Maybe you’re even a regular gym-goer: you show up every week, you attend classes and you’re consistent, but you just can’t seem to hit your goals – whether it’s losing that extra 5 pounds or cleaning up your diet.  You feel good and motivated when you work out and even still, there’s a part of you that still feels stuck. Targeted short-term “fitness challenges” (21-day, 6-week, 8-week, etc.) have [...]

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Are You Wired and Tired? 6 Steps to Boost Your Energy and Mental Focus | Part 1

“Habits are the answer to anything we want to change in life.  They control what we do, and eventually, they make what we do easy and automatic.”  – Steve Chandler Energy:  I want more of it. Don’t you?  So why is it such a battle to stay energized? Why, when we ask each other, “How are you?” the answer is more-often-than-not: “I’m SOOO tired.” What’s behind all this exhaustion? What’s sapping us of our energy?  Is it lack of sleep?  Eating the wrong foods?  Stress?  All of the above? On the flipside, what about those times where we’re really having fun or discovering a new passion and all of a sudden, we feel like we could conquer the world? We [...]

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Do you ever wonder why more people workout on a MONDAY instead of a THURSDAY? Or why we set goals at the beginning of the year, or the week or the month?  Is there something that motivates us to start something anew on a specific day, week, month or year?  Yes. It’s funny how that works… but it does.       As I mentioned in my article STOP EXERCISING, START TRAINING, it’s helpful to change your approach to staying fit from a WORKOUT MINDSET to a TRAINING MINDSET. But there is another ingredient that can make all the difference between doing the same old thing (and getting the same old result) and doing something new.  Going a little deeper.  [...]

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Have you ever thought that you’d found the “perfect” program for fitness and/or nutrition and decided to follow it?  And did you adopt this “perfect” program, knowing deep down, that you wouldn’t (or couldn’t!) stick with it long term?  I do that a lot.  Why do we do that?  But more importantly, how do I stop doing that?  How do I move from grasping at unattainable perfection to moving towards real progress?  Here’s how:     THE OVER DOING and UNDER DOING SYNDROME Don’t fall prey to what I call the “Over doing and under doing syndrome…” -- training extremely hard for a long period of time and then getting hurt; eating super clean (no carbs, no junk, no sugar) [...]

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    Spring is upon us. It’s time to dust off winter (or whatever they call it in Southern California), take a deep breath, and ready ourselves for a new season. By the way…how are your New Years’ resolutions coming? Have you met any of the goals you set? I wanted to give you a little advice on a new type of training.  It’s called DELAYED GRATIFICATION training.  Sounds fun, right? Well, here is the deal.  We all know that although we search out the perfect class, workouts and/or diet… it’s STICKING TO IT that is the hard part.  Right?  Especially in those moments where what you want in the moment, like a big piece of CHOCOLATE CAKE, may conflict [...]

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   “We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” -Archilochus How is it going so far this year?  Are you on track with your goals?  As we enter the third week of January, when many people have already given up on their resolutions, are you finding yourself in an exercise rut as you work toward your new lifestyle change? Well, then… stop exercising! Exercise is a temporary solution to a permanent issue. Instead of exercising, you need to start training. Training is ongoing. When you train, you are trying to get in better physical shape, to stay in better physical shape or to accomplish a specific goal. Let's say you have [...]

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I want to continue to explore the idea of training your brain for success.  I am continually reminded that, no matter how “perfect” the diet or workout program may be, it’s getting people to take consistent action that works best for long term success.  And that's what I am always looking for with my clients, long-term success.   We don’t always think about our MINDS when we are training, but not only is exercise good for the body, it’s great for the brain.  I’ll save more on the physiological benefits of exercise for another day and instead explore the psychological benefits of working out and eating lean and clean. I really like the idea of “training” your brain… it’s something we [...]

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The mental (or psychological) game to achieving success in health and fitness is one of the most overlooked strategies.  We hear over and over about what foods we should (and shouldn’t) be eating and the most effective ways to maximize our workouts.  What rarely gets discussed is the MENTAL STRATEGIES one must have in place that will launch you toward your goal of health and fitness success, and more importantly, will help keep you there. In the last 20+ years of working with clients, I have seen clients drop anywhere between 10 to 40 lbs.  I have seen them reach their goals.  What is rare, in all honesty, is their ability to STAY there.  Something -- time, stress, distractions, injury [...]

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What does it even mean to HACK YOURSELF?  I am not sure what others mean when they say, “hack” but for me, its about figuring out a shorter, more effective way to get something done.  The key word here is EFFECTIVE.  Meaning, it works. In HACK YOURSELF (part 1) I discussed the need for putting YOU FIRST and what that means.  Such as taking responsibility, creating a vision and the power of deciding to do something (taking action) about whatever it is you are unhappy with in your life.  And that fact that no one else is going to do it for you.  I also brought up the deep, dark secret, of focusing in your nutrition first, and how its [...]

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What is the blueprint for success when it comes to losing weight and feeling great? Well, just recently, 3 of our fitness programs (Lose 2 Win, Peak 10 and the Max Trainer Challenge) ended with some stunning results and pretty amazing success stories from participants.   So instead of hearing from me what I think works, I decided to look at what the most successful people in these programs did to achieve their success. And what do I mean by success?  They all lost weight (mostly body fat), they were able to keep their BMR (basil metabolic rate) almost the same and they truly changed the way they behaved (by creating new habits) to transform how they look and feel. And [...]

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