Team Training Membership

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What is Team Training?

Our signature 50-minute Team Training workouts utilize a variety of strength and cardio equipment to provide you with the best total body workout in the shortest amount of time.

What are the Benefits?

  • Enjoy the attention and expertise from our BTF Coaches who customize dynamic workouts to accommodate your individual needs and capabilities.
  • Unlimited access, ability to book workouts online, limited group size of 10 people maximum per session
  • Our system builds better overall fitness by focusing on the 3 fundamental aspects of a great workout:
    1. Improve Mobility and Flexibility
    2. Increase Total Body Strength
    3. Boost Metabolism and Enhance Weight Loss

What are the different types of workouts?


strength workouts for those looking to improve overall strength and to build lean muscle.


metabolic (cardio + strength) workouts for those looking to lose weight, boost metabolism.


this workout combines elements of STRONGER and LEANER into one body-blasting workout.

Our signature 50-minuteTEAM TRAINING WORKOUTS utilize a variety of strength andcardio equipment to provide youwith the best total body workoutin the shortest amount of time.

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