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Dear Michelle:
I just wanted to say thank you….I really feel very proud of myself for finishing peak 10….For me it was about showing up….following direction….and learning as much as I could from you and your amazing staff. You are truly an inspiration and I am looking forward to the next peak. I feel the next time I will be able to put more effort into the diet part of the program….I still have challenges is that area of my life, but know without a doubt that I will overcome them. Meeting Sonia Has been a blessing ….she is a incredible woman and friend and she guided me to Breakthru fitness. I have been to many gyms in my life, but have never experienced the personal care….education and support that I feel from you and your Breakthru family….I can’t say enough about Yalda… Gary… and Sonia… Thanks Again…
Terri Rink
I am sending you a bill for $140. “Why, you ask?” That is how much I just spent at the tailor having my clothes TAKEN IN after my fabulous Peak 10 experience. It may have ended in May, but I’m keepin’ it off baby. Thanks a million.
Melissa L.
Peak 10 is by far the most fun and most effective workout I’ve ever done. Going into the program I was really worried about bulking up since the workouts are very challenging and the weights are quite heavy. But I still did the workouts as Michelle instructed them, and to my surprise I got smaller! Peak 10 is so much fun, and I would recommend it to anyone who wanted to take their workout to the next level, lose weight, and lean down.
Carolina K.
When I was asked to do Peak 10 I took it as a way to challenge myself which reminded me of when I was a teenager and used to train competitively for ice hockey. I pushed myself to the max, or shall I say to the “Peak.” It was tough but it was worth it. When I played my first hockey game after a few weeks of Peak training, my stamina had already improved a lot and I was in better shape than those 20 year olds on the teams!
Scott B.
When I started Peak 10 I didn’t really have any expectations having been sick for a few years and still battling the residual symptoms from the illness. The first few weeks were really tough for me but as the weeks went on and I got stronger and stronger, I was so elated as I realized I was getting back to my usual shape and was returning to my normal strength and energy level! With every kick, jump and sweat drop I was overcoming what I had had to endure for a long time. Thank you Michelle, I couldn’t have done it without you.
Giusy B.
This program was LIFE CHANGING for me! I have always exercised regularly and in a way that I thought was challenging. But, Peak pushed me in ways I’ve never experienced before – the intensity was extreme! I started the program not thinking I needed to lose weight, so I set a goal of losing 8 pounds (1 pound a week) and I actually lost 10! I also lost inches in my hips, waist and thighs that I’d been trying to lose for years! I have never looked or felt better.
I loved the workouts. I burned more calories in that hour than I did in my 75 minute spin class or any other classes I’d taken. Plus, I was burning higher for hours after the Peak 10 classes. The workouts never got “easier” because I could always increase the weights in cardio strength or push harder in the plyometrics..
Finally, people ask me all the time how I did it. It was NOT easy. I had to make sacrifices, especially with food choices. The exerspy was so helpful because I knew my calorie burn and therefore how much I could eat. The bottom line for me was discipline. Eating less and working out more efficiently – that’s how I did it! It was SO worth it! Thanks Michelle!
Alyson P.
I’m what you can call a gym rat. I’ve been around gyms for a loooonnnggg time. One of the things I’ve always heard from trainers is that eating is 80% of our success when it comes to fitness. Peak 10 is the first program that got the eating part down to a science. Just because I know how to eat to be fit doesn’t mean I do it. There were a few key things said about food that really kicked me into fat loss. Michelle had written an email and reminded us that “we eat more than we think.” Very true. So, as I began to track my food and record it, the personal responsibly went to another level. Weighing in and recording results was also key to success. I was thrilled to lose 11 lbs…a lb to 1 ½ pounds weekly. I exceeded my 10 lb loss goal. Yea!!
The workouts were intense but I loved it. I felt my endurance and strength increase over the weeks. I also saw myself shrink and get defined muscles. My arms look so much better and I lost a whopping 5 inches in my waste! This was particularly helpful for me because I had a timely surf safari to Mexico planned at the end of the program. Surfing is an intense and difficult sport. I’m not young either. Peak 10 gave me the confidence, strength and endurance to perform in the ocean. My instructors commented on how strong of a swimmer I was, paddling ahead of the others to catch a wave. Also, it was affirming to hear people that I work with and am around all the time notice the results as well. I believe the cardio/circuit combo really worked.
Shel D.
It’s intense, it’s hardcore and it’s also a lot of fun. I thought I was fairly fit before I started the program, but these workouts challenged me to push myself harder and farther than I thought possible. My cardio fitness and muscular endurance grew by leaps and bounds. The results exceeded my greatest expectations – I’ve lost 20lbs, am down two pant sizes, and have had to practically buy a new wardrobe. I never imagined that I could ever be this lean or strong and am still amazed at what I have been able to physically accomplish with this program. If you’re looking for something to push yourself to the next level, this is it!
Amber Z.
Peak is the real deal! I am an aerobics instructor who had found it challenging to break through the last fitness plateau. With Michelle’s amazing motivation I was able to workout harder than I ever have before. I proved to myself that determination and consistency will pay off. As a result my body feels better than ever inside and out!
Kathy B.
I never believed I could have achieved the results I did. I thought I was as thin as I could get without crazy fad diets…and I got thinner! I thought I had stamina…and run a full minute a mile faster when I run now! I thought I was strong…and went from lifting 8-10 pound weights to lifting 12 pound weights! PeakFit Challenge is unbelievable!!!
Debbie E.
This is my third Peak session and one of the most enjoyable. Enjoyable you ask….. not because of weight loss or body fat but because this time around I was true to my commitment. This Peak session coincided with one of the most stressful times in my life and without these workouts I don’t know how I would have survived. Regardless of how I felt at 5:45 am I was there and ready to move leaving each workout feeling healthy and energized.

There is something very special about seeing the same faces week after week and watching bodies transform. We are an amazing team, supporting and motivating one another. At the end of 8 weeks we were all jumping higher, squatting deeper and moving a little faster all in unison like a wonderful dance. As my class ended today I had a similar feeling to a school year ending. Relieved that I made it, anxious about my next plan and excited about doing it all over again. My body is leaner, stronger and more powerful than it was 8 weeks ago and this I credit Peak 10 and the wonderful staff at Breakthru Fitness for keeping me motivated.

Thank you all

Cassandra Puga
Dear Michelle,
Participating in the Peak 10 Challenge has been one of the most physically and mentally intense experiences of my adult life. It has also been one of the most rewarding. The program was harder than I could have ever imagined, but it pushed me beyond what I thought I would ever be able to do. I’m in my mid-forties and I am stronger and more fit overall than I’ve been since my 20’s. I can’t tell you what a great feeling it is to have that back!! And thank you for all the encouragement and advice you gave me on how to not lose it all going forward.

The program also gave me the tools I need to finally understand the diet side of things. I have struggled for the last 15 years (particularly when I hit 40) to figure out how to lose my excess weight and keep it off. I looked into so many different diets over the years and only got confused — many of them sounded logical and scientifically sound, yet there seemed to be a lot of contradiction! And, of course, I never got any lasting results. The plan you’ve put together makes sense and it works. It’s taken the eight weeks to put it all together, but I can safely say that my relationship with food has changed and I don’t see myself eating any other way than the “Peak” way for the long term.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a life-altering experience!

Margie McKinney
I am SO ready!! Peak is the most amazing program I’ve Ever been a part of…it has been so life changing for me and after 4 or 5 rounds now in still as excited and motivate as if it were the first.

Talk about motivating! I have seen such results that I have this amazing sense of hope and excitement at the start of every peak…it’s like Christmas morning!!! Thank you for sharing your amazing program and giving me what I needed to live this fit life 🙂

Emily D.
There are many investments people make to better themselves that leave them doubting the end result.

After completing my first Peak10, I can honestly say that it has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Before joining, people around me would tell me I was already fit and did not need to make any changes to my body, but I wasn’t happy with myself.

After seeing what Peak 10 was doing for others, I decided to challenge myself and go “All In”. I put in the hard work needed for 8 weeks, never missed a class and ate healthier than ever. Changing my habits was incredibly tough but seeing the end result was amazing. I not only learned how to be a healthier me but I’ve regained my confidence!

I feel and look better than when I was college. If you are not afraid of working hard and you want to see RESULTS, I highly recommend Peak 10 All-IN!

Thank You!
Cory W.

Cory W.
Hi Michelle. I just wanted to say that I am so happy to have found such a great, motivating and inspirational gym. I was a member at a couple of gyms before I found Breakthru fitness and nothing compares to your gym. I love all the classes and the instructors are exceptional.

I never thought I would want to be working out 6 days a week doing double classes on some of those days. I am so addicted to working out now and it does not seem like a chore. I bring my 2 little boys to the gym with me and they love Luz. I never have to worry about them.

I had two really hard pregnancies. I was always really fit before I had my boys. I had gestational diabetes with both boys and really could not work out the way I love too. I became depressed during both pregnancies and had really bad anxiety. After I had my second son last October, I started working out as soon as the dr. said it was ok. I could not wait to come back to the gym and get fit again. I decided by doing the last peak 10 program it would be a great way to get be back into shape and to also lose my baby weight. Your gym has helped me get over my depression.

I have very high expectations for myself as to how I want to look. I am not there yet, but I am finally starting to see results. I see you and many other women at the gym who have had kids, and I know I can look as great as you girls also!

Sorry for such a long e-mail but I just wanted to let you know how inspirational and positive you are to me and many others. You are always friendly and smiling. You have such a great attitude! I tell everyone about your gym and how great it is.

Thank you so much again for having such a great gym!

Phil and Michelle…

I want to congratulate you on a wonderful gym, and a wonderful staff! I had been a member at Equinox for a year and a half, and maybe worked out 5 times during that time? My life right now is super hectic, between kids, work and friends, and I *knew* that getting back into a routine of working out and committing to fitness goals was going to be ahuge challenge. Your gym, your classes and your staff have totally engaged me in a way that Equinox NEVER did! It’s only been a month, but I’ve been to the gym at least 2-3 times every week. I don’t feel like I’m dragging myself to the gym either – I WANT to be there!

I love the friendliness of your front desk staff. I love YOUR friendliness and the way you’re always around to listen to members, problem solve, or just chat. I love the variety of classes offered at various convenient times of the day. I love Noel’s spinning class (which I used to take at Bodies in Motion – he’s a great instructor). I have also been working out with Yalda and she is INCREDIBLE! She’s sweet, personable, inspirational and TOUGH! I could try to work towards my goals on my own (I’m not completely unknowledgeable), but she challenges me in a way I’ve never been challenged (not even running a marathon challenged me the way she does). I love the tools you guys offer, from the Exerspy, to the headbands you sell at the front.

The entire experience is fantastic and has really helped me recommit to working out and a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks a million!

Christina R.