A fast-paced flowing yoga class that connects deep breathing with challenging pose sequences, including options for arm balances and inversions. Engage core strength, increase flexibility, improve balance, and build internal heat, all while practicing how to clear the mind and listen to the body. Be prepared for upbeat music and a slightly heated room. Familiarity with Sun Salutations and Vinyasa Yoga is recommended. Let go of all expectations and competition, and come with an open mind, ready to work hard and play! Int/Adv levels


A fun, upbeat yoga class to help you find strength, flexibility and your breath. This yoga class teaches you how to align your mind with your body during poses and can help heal nagging injuries. Apply what you learn here to spinning, running, even lifting weights. Take off your shoes, roll out your mat and open your mind. All levels


For anyone who wants to learn yoga, this class introduces fundamental yoga poses with alignment and breath instruction. Students will build strength and increase flexibility. Come out and play in a supportive and fun environment! Level 1


Tone, stretch and strengthen your body while calming and relaxing your mind. This total body workout will leave you feeling longer, leaner and with a sense of inner peace. The first half of the class will build heat as you flow through sun salutations and sequential standing poses, then as we gradually move into seated postures, core work and tension releasing stretches. All levels (70 minutes).


Create overall physical balance through a series of yoga poses. Using flowing yoga sequences, you’ll create more strength and flexibility around the joints. This class is designed for first timers as well as experienced yogis. All levels.


30 Yoga-like flowing flexibility moves for those who want the benefits of flexible strength but may not have time for a full yoga workout. Performed to modern music. You stretch, strengthen and rebalance your entire body in 30 minutes. Leave class sweating, smiling and centered. All levels

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